Natural Remedies for Women
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Natural Remedies for Women

Eighteeen Useful herbs for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Child Care, Infertility, Dysmenorrhea, and Loss of Sex Drive.

1. Amaranth- Leaf tea is used to stem profuse menstruation.

2. Chamomile- Tea made from the flowers is used to treat colicky infants. It’s also good for hay fever, asthma, and indigestion. It’s also a good tea to help mothers relax.

3. Dandelion- Dandelion Tea, which is made from the roots and leaves, is used to stimulate milk flow in nursing mothers. It’s also good for fevers and congestion. It may also stimulate appetite and aid in digestion. The root can be made into a homemade coffee as well.

4. Evening Primrose- Oil from the seeds is said to have been successfully used to treat Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

5. Gentian Violet- can be made into a solution to treat thrush mouth in infants.

6. Hawthorn- Tea made from dried hawthorn berries is said to be given to infants suffering from indigestion from improper nursing technique (colic).

7. Juniper- Leaf tea has been used to promote menstruation in treating dysmenorrhea.

8. Lambs Quarters- A wash of the leaves can be applied to nursing mothers’ breasts to induce milk flow.

9. Mountain Ash- An infusion made from the inner bark is used to reduce pain after childbirth. An infusion of the root is good for colicky infants.

10. Oak- Powdered bark from the oak tree is used on the navel of infants to help heal the umbilical cord The astringent tannins make it an effective treatment.

11. Peppermint- Oil of peppermint is used to treat colic. The tea is also good for treating colds, fever, headache, and as a good digestive aid.

12. Pepperweed- Tea made from the leaves and seeds is used for restoring sex drive after childbirth.

13. Raspberry- A tea made from the leaves is used for a tonic for pregnant women to help combat nausea and vomiting.

14. Spicebush- Tea is used for treating dysmenorrhea.

15. Squaw Vine/Partridgeberry- Dried leaf tea is used to treat menstrual pain and regulate menses. It’s also used as a soothing wash for sore nipples of nursing mothers.

16. Violets- Violet roots and leaves can be used to treat mastitis (breast infections).

17. Wild Grape- Native Americans used a tonic made from grape leaves to help increase fertility.

18. Yarrow- Leaf tea is good for urinary tract infections and is a good general detox tea. It also reduces fever.

*Queen Anne’s Lace- May prevent a fertilized ovum from implanting causing early miscarriage. Do not use if pregnant or if you think you may be pregnant. There are also very poisonous look-a-likes of this plant.

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